It is time for a mental health check-in.

mhapy is a chatbot and social journal that tracks anxiety, depression, sleep, and monitors your mental health. mhapy also connects you with peers who have had similar experiences so you can support each other.
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You are not Alone

When you are dealing with mental health issues, it is normal to feel like people around you can not relate to what you are going through. It is possible to be surrounded by lots of people and still feel alone. This is because people around you may not have similar experiences, while those who have similar experiences are not connected to you.

In addition to this, available support systems often place the burden to reach out for help during a crisis on you. But this is not always feasible as it is difficult to overcome negative emotions and thought patterns to reach out for help.

All these contribute to feelings of isolation among people dealing with mental health issues.


Our values are human interaction, community, privacy, no judgment, in a positive environment.


To connect people dealing with anxiety, depression and other stressors together as accountability partners with the goal of attaining mental wellbeing together


To create a positive digital space that provides an alternative to the traditional social media experience.
Find Accountability Partners

Find Accountability Partners

mhapy helps you deal with the problem of isolation by connecting you with others who have struggled through similar mental health issues and who live close by and so are more able to relate to your experience.

mhapy also reduces the burden to reach out for help during a crisis by notifying your peers to check in on you whenever there is a deviation from your mental health baseline, increased suicide risk or long term online absence. Mental wellbeing can not be attained in isolation. Our goal is to connect you with people who will travel the journey of wellness with you.

Frequently Asked Questions?


Is Mhapy Clinically Validated?

At this point, the tool is still in development and cannot be validated yet. However, Ruby (mhapy’s chatbot) draws from clinically validated screening tools for anxiety, depression, hallucinations, substance use, and more. These tools have been used for decades by psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health nurses for assessment.

Can I find a Therapist on Mhapy?

We are working on an update that will allow you to use mhapy to find therapists in your area. We can not wait to share this with you.

What is the Privacy Policy?

Your discussions with Ruby and with your peers are completely private. We will only view these messages for context whenever a report is made to us for inappropriate comments, hate speech, bullying, or harassment of any kind.

What are the rules for what I can share on the platform?

mhapy is committed to being a safe space for you to fully express yourself. do not hesitate to report any comment you find offensive. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment. No hate speech or bullying. Be kind and courteous and respect everyone’s privacy.

How many Accountability Partners Do I Need?

Quality is better than quantity. We recommend that you start with only 3-5 accountability partners and cultivate meaningful relationships with them. However, we do not put any limits on how many peers you can have as accountability partners.

Is mhapy for me?

mhapy is for anyone who wants to improve their mental health. It doesn’t matter what stage of the journey you are at. mhapy is committed to inclusion. We are a no stigma, no judgement digital space to express yourself and connect with peers.