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mhapy wins prestigious Innovation Award worth $35,000

RNFOO Nurse innovator award

mhapy was selected as the 2021 winner of the Nurse Innovator Award organized by the Registered Nurses’ foundation of Ontario (RNFOO). The award is worth $35,000.

The Nurse Innovator Award is an annual award that began in 2019 given to recognize ideas by nurses which advance nursing practice, education, work life and/or the patient experience from the nursing perspective. The award was conceived by the honorary life members of the RNFOO to enable, encourage and support nursing innovation.

The award ceremony took place on November 17, 2021. Three winners were announced for the nursing innovation award. The winners were mhapy, Quickpick clinical items finder and Soch mental health. One winner was announced for the Connie Clerci Nurse entrepreneur award. The winner was Nurse on Board (NOBI).

mhapy is a chatbot that performs mental health assessments and connect users with accountability partners using cutting edge natural language processing technology. The creation of Generative pre-trained transformer – 3 (GPT3) has unleashed a world of possibilities where AI generated text is hard to distinguish from text written by actual humans. Chatbots can now advance further as a frontier for the provision of mental health services that mimic interactions with human mental health nurses.

mhapy, in partnership with The Royal Mental Health Center, one of Canada’s foremost mental health centers and research hospitals will use the award to conduct a clinical study on the effectiveness of chatbots in managing anxiety and depression. The study is set to be conducted at the Outpatient unit of the Forensic Treatment unit (FTU) at the Brockville site of The Royal Hospital. This is in line with the Royal’s mission to explore novel treatments that are impactful on mental health related issues.

Currently, mental health care tends to be reactive. A person bears the burden of reaching out for help whenever their mental health deteriorates. This is inefficient because people are not always aware of early signs that they need support and when they are aware, they are often reluctant to reach out for help. Mhapy allows support systems to be proactive rather than reactive. The chatbot create a dynamic baseline of the user’s mental health profile and can automatically reach out for help on the user’s behalf to those accountability partners that the user has chosen when there are early signs of deterioration. mhapy provides a means for accessible support services for people who otherwise will be subjected to lengthy wait times or no services due to a lack of resources in the community.

Artificial intelligence is poised to change the face of mental health care. It does not replace mental health professionals, rather it can serve as a tool to help mental health support systems become more accessible and efficient. Sign up to join mhapy’s waitlist to get early access to our Artificially Intelligent solution for anxiety, depression and stress. If you want to find out where to find late night help in Ontario when you are dealing with a mental health Crises, you should read this article.